Lets get to know ME!!

I was initially trained to be a Spatial Analyst and an Industrial Labour Relations personnel [MILR] before also signing up for further career training[s] and tutorship following the understanding of my calling into building & equipping 'Human capital'.
I speak professionally, train and facilitate in the areas of Leadership, Point of Service Peak Performance Strategies, Employability skills and other work place/people related skills. I enjoy teaching Leadership, Life and Entrepreneurial skills including Productivity and Performance enhancing Principles that is intended to contribute to National rebirth, Transformation, Global peace, Organizational Excellence and to the Building up, Equipping and the Strengthening of the Destinies of People as a whole.

To God's glory I have been involved and have featured in a lot of Human Capital Development Projects, Meetings and have had several invites including regularly featuring as an in house strategist on: Cable TV Network [Breakfast Business Show], The Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria [FRCN], Midland FM Radio Station, The National Television network Universities, Polytechnics, and Churches etc... And it's been my delight to regularly consult for Corporate Organizations, Financial Institution, the Government, Individuals and growing Entrepreneurs...

With the help of God and our Team I have initiated several life changing programs and currently run many others which include:SPAC [the spring a career initiative] The Leadership and Lifestyle Conferences, Heartflowz: the 'monthly' relationship meetings, In-House Leadership/Life skill trainings etc...
 I enjoy 'Facebooking' so much hence regularly update my status with fantastic soul-lifting words even though I could be very firm and exhortative and also give regular Leadership comments (plus other human based relevant ones too.) on the Internet SocialNetwork forum 

I keep an online Journal called 'My Adrenaline Journals' where I write mostly Leadership, Motivation and other useful Life lessons that delights and help strengthen careers [where you are now] and I try to tweet as much as I can too.

As a way of relaxing and leisure: I chill out at home watching the TV and step out once a while with my family.

I also wear many hats of being a father, mentor, protégé and like to sing, play the Keyboard, write and have the unique gift of using the knowledge I share to create PLATFORM for people / organizations that will move them to a better profitable height. I have quite a number of published and unpublished articles/write-ups to my credit.

I am very much married with children to Yinka Ajiboye ORE a market place minister [professional Accountant/Auditor] and will remain a die hard ‘’possibilist’’ who is always quick to affirm that IMPOSSIBILITY IS NOTHING as NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE to be achieved as long as one has the faith and believe.

Thank you for stopping by.

...don't forget to check me out on Facebook www.facebook.com/banjoore & lets also share one or two tweets on twitter@olabanjore 
do visit often, cheers.

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