My Book: Hips, Lips & Fingertips !!

&FINGER TIPS what you didn’t know about relationships.

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What you didn’t know about relationships
Someone will at a point in your life ask you the following questions?
Why should I marry you & why did I marry you?
What will be your reply?
What is it going to be?
This book will change all negative theosophies and attempt to bust some of the bubbles and myths which
had besought us negatively…
It’s a ‘’no hold barred’’ and straight to the point piece
It will definitely attempt to give you upper cuts and jabs here and there, but it will be a good reading
delight all the way.
You will be inspired, entertained, refreshed and gain useful insights.

Why I wrote THE book (hips, lips & fingertips)…
My name is Banjo ORE and I am not like every other guy you know [at least that’s
what everyone will tell you about themselves], I lived a tupsy turvy life: I was born in
a very quite city then moved into a noisy, hustling and busy city [Lagos] but
unfortunately had to live and grow up in the, most notorious part of Lagos
[Ajegunle] where I lived as a novice, conformist, activist and later a change agent. So
this book you are about to read is from the mind of someone who is as real as they
come. I assure you no pretenses and I am definitely not writing because I am hungry
and need to feed off the sales of this book; But more than all this people must learn
from our mistakes and become better in life.

So what mistakes have I made that you would want to learn from?
Well the question is that have you ever made any mistake you would not want to
make again? Or if you have not made any mistakes would you rather prepare
yourself not to make the mistakes people have made in life about their relationships
and marriage? As I write this book, the picture of a pretty young lady is before me
who was brutalized and beaten up by her man, her lips are all swollen up and her
eyes look like the eyes of one of the beaten up boxers, also I have before me a lady
whose husband is in one of our forces, the husband beat her up and practically cut
off one of her fingers as a way of punishing her. [yes, am looking at the pictures
now, one of her fingers is cut off and lastly the picture of a beautiful woman who
now looks like a horrible monster as a result of her husband pouring with acid on
her face, to make the long story short she jumped out of a six [6] story building as a
result of the trauma of living with a horrifying face [she has been given facial
reconstructions and she has received treatment for 12 years] but she had to commit
suicide because she thought her face was hopeless.

All this RELATIONAL DYSFUNCTION and failed marriages all around us amongst all
other factors motivated me to write this book so as to put some records straight and
empower people with knowledge so that they can make better choices and back out
of any dysfunctional relationship they find themselves. Do I have the absolute right
and authority to write a book like this: YES... I do. I am married, have existed
in a marriage relationship of about 41years [my parents] and I am exposed to the
marriage and relationship of mentors and of course I am part of a society that has
dysfunction woven through its fabric but most of all I like to say I am empowered
and trained to do this. So be assured that the book you hold is not a cut and paste
project... rather its so very practical and real that you will read it over and over again
and even pass it on to a friend. I wrote this book because I am shocked at the way a
lot of people are handling their relationship and marriage. I would not say
relationship can be that simple because I did not find it funny when I went through
some of the tough and very tasking stuff I went through.

But as a relationship coach cum marriage counselor I should believe that I definitely
have written this book for you that you may be equipped, built up and
strengthened. Its going to be a journey into reality... come with me.

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