Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Who Should Be "A" Leader's Favourite ?

Hello Good People,

It is not a good idea for a leader to spend his time pursuing people who don't yield results or just slow down the ship.

20% of people are responsible for 100% of fruitful result in most organisation hence the 20% are Favourites..
The 80% who are redundant are Humans, loved and celebrated but can never be Productive Favourites

A Leaders Favourite are the KEYMEN in there sector in any organisation.

One Lawyer refused to dismiss a very rude and naughty staff cos he said the Staff brings in most of the Customers hence the "Money" to the organisation.

Jesus had favorites
They were fishermen and not Billionaires,
He had the 120
The 70
The 12
The 3
The 1

He changed this world wit His favourite 12 people ( one of them actually sold Him off too )

So, AS LEADERS SPEND MORE TIME WITH THOSE WHO DO 100% of the work and encourage the other fellows.

The Work Space is not an EMOTIONAL space hence as Leaders we tend to FOCUS on the TASK & GOALS and TRAIN PLUS ENCOURAGE THOSE WHO ARE READY TO WORK & BE PRODUCTIVE.

The other COMPLACENT ones are appreciated but
If we went by Scriptures and wanted to avoid what happened to Moses to happen to us ( the complacents bad mouthed him and nearly.sent him to hell ) we would deploy wisdom...

Exodus 18 shows some being made Captains and others remained followers ( NO EMOTIONS )

My Favourite(s) should be those...

or would you rather my favourites to be Joseph of Arimathea or Zacheaus ?

What do you think ?

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