Wednesday, 20 April 2016

"HOLD IT" just before you say " I DO "

Dont start your life by making yourself a 2nd class citizen in your home...
Dont  MARRY someone you will struggle so hard to please in the union,
dnt even agree to court such people.

Why ?
Compatibility Issues are GREAT ISSUES in Marriage
and other seemingly light "no issues "

Compatibility means : Someone you can easily interact and align with etc...
Hence, dis is a big deal issue cos you gonn live together for the rest of your life...

No POINT running helter skelter in MARRIAGE to handle what you should have seen in courtship

my dear,
wipe that ice-cream away from your lips
let that your dimple fade off for a while
Pull yourelf to.a.Conference.table  and DISCUSS OBJECTIVELY before you "merge" your companies lol. ( merge your life )

Ask :
Can we do this?
are we gonna remain friends for ever ?
what are we going to be doing in the marriage ?
whats your Vision sir?
what will you be doing when I marry you sis ?

Possible Response:
I wont always be this slim Oooooo
Am thinking of starting a Farm project and exiting my Oil & Gas Job so CashFlow is going to change Ooooo sis, are you still on board ? etc....

Conclusion :
Don't let Marriage open your eyes to some realities
what you see and hear around you about.Marriages.are TRUE ( not fiction )

Might not all be strawberries & breakfast in bed Oooooo,
So, before you say "I Do "

"have that Conference Table TALK "
You are the.CEO.of your life under God get "Answers" before you get into a Life "Partnership " with.somebody you just few years back...

Talk, talk and talk

Love was never ever blind...
Snippets from my Book#BanjoOre.

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