Sunday, 16 August 2015

Four (4) Power Tips you NEED as a "SPEAKER"

Hi, bIN a while guys & I know it...
I am getting bored of blogging even tough I still love writing a looooottttt.
So, very soon am gonn get into Video bloging ( Its like saying in minutes what I ought to write about )
well, Why Not ?

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Well, I have been "Speaking" actively for about 15yrs. so I tot to share a little of what I have learnt...

So, the Tips !!
dive in...

" 1. Ask yourself  "WHAT EXACTLY DO I WANT PEOPLE TO (GET) TAKE AWAY FROM MY SPEECH ? pre-determine this.

2. CUT YOUR INTRODUCTION TO THREE MINUTES.... ( cos, your audience aint got no time )

3. DIVE INTO THE MENU IMMEDIATELY ( don't loose their attention)
SAY SOMETHING to make them wanna.make Eye Contact with you: then, Fire the first thoughts and REPEAT. REPEAT and kip REPEATING the Power Speeches / Phrases and all

4. Certainly LAND & FINISH WELL ( cut ramblings and STILL FOCUS on MAJOR MESSAGE )

and dont forget to end Gloriously ( leave the exact taste you.wanna.leave in the mouth of your audience that will provoke the right actions hence justify your speech )

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