Monday, 8 June 2015

STRICTLY FOR PRACTICING CHRISTIANS **Of Homosexuals,Lesbians, Transgenders etc...

How does it help
how do we help
when "Christians" abuse & crucify homosexuals/ lesbians & transgenders?
especially ( in public.& on social media)

Maybe if we do that in our discipleship class or something it might be okay !!

but publicly? How have we helped?
are we not adding fuel to the raging inferno?
has our CRITICSMS birthed / showed the love of Jesus?
Am just wondering?

Are we mad at them or their sins? 

dont we all know or have as friends, uncles, relatives etc...
people who
beat up wifey?
marry 9 year olds
drink to stupor
embezzle public funds
sleep with anything in skirts
rituals  etc etc.....

Are we saying "ONE SIN" is greater than the.other & the other sins.should be "Excused" ?

Have we even "Prayed" for any of this people?
am not exactly innocent myself
but am #JustThinkingAloud.


Lets Magnify & stress the "The Love of Jesus Christ" moreeeeeee

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