Friday, 10 April 2015

True Love has Got Nothing to Do with Hips !!!

If a man keeeeeppppssssss  EXPLAINing why he loves & wants to marry you,
all he is trying to say is that:

As a result of some things he has seen in you & the qualities you have (that he sees) he wants to get down with you for ever...

but you & I know that TRUE LOVE has NO REASON, Its UNCONDITIONAL
True Love has got nothing to do with hips, lips, fingertips & high cheek bones etc...
that TRUE LOVE is AGAPE (agapao) & ONLY GOD has the capacity to give that...
"for God so loved the world"

A Spouse, who LOVES YOU MORE IN-SPITE of your MISTAKES, Misdeeds & weakness has tapped & living in Agape (TRUE GODLY LOVE)

...Love covereth a multitude of wrongs, abi?

So, cut your spouse some slack & be Gracious,  after-all didn't you receive FORGIVENESS too.

pls take it slow & get to know,

Since we know human frailty is unable to give 100% fresh & true love like God who gave His son,
lets all learn to be Patient with our Spouses / Fiancee-Fiance

NB: ...make it easier for people to love you more !!!

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