Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Winners dont TRULY Quit !!!

People who win & keeps winning
those who become successful & keeps getting better
are PEOPLE who have learnt to do things inspite of the fears they had

They tucked away their emotions,
rolled off bad memories
stood tall in the face of adversaries

They didn't gat the time to raise pity-party
they did what they could do & very well too (where.they.are)
they are not approval addicts
they have perfected the ART of Learning & Unlearning

Winners (successful people ) are surfers whose arms were bitten off by sharks (but they still took their surf boards & returned to the tumultuous sea).

They see themselves winning every time
they... come to your turf & even attempt to SNATCH a win when you are not prepared
They are Team Players

Winners are like the Germans who went to Brazil & dubbed them 10-0.(lol)
not minding if their people cried or not.
Successful people will step on your toes & tell you "Sorry" later ( lol )

People who succeed see OPPORTUNITIES & not EXCUSES
they ask "Why NOT " & not  why..

How many successful people do you know who hasnt gat some or all of these qualities?

Find that REASON to be a Winner (success)

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