Saturday, 7 February 2015

sexually relating with two men and realy loving the third [I think I need help]...

I am not a Christian and don’t plan to be except of cause God destines that I am one, of cause this is not the reason n why I am writing this my story to you or who ever will read it from your blog.
I am from a polygamous family and my dad married 3 wives who sincerely tried to leave in peace and understanding even when my daddy died.

Daddy was a very quite and honest individual as his friends said and as the society saw him. He managed to build a large six [6] bed-roomed bungalow house before he died, each wife took one room each with my Daddy occupying the big large room close to the family parlor and the other two rooms were boys and Girls room as the case maybe.

My daddy died when I just entered my year one in a federal university in the Northern part of Nigeria [I am 23 yrs old and in 200 level in the faculty of sciences] I was never trained in any trade or passion because we were always Inside the house. [Female children] but unfortunately he had facilitated by betrothal to the son of his childhood friend and everyone in the town where we live know that I am espoused to Ahmed Gobiri [not real name] who I do not like at all. He is 12 years older than I am , he does not show any signs of wanting to leave the town where he lives  and to crown it all  he so loves to chew Kola nut which has stained all his teeth [he actually is a fine tall man] but I detest marrying him, But ironically he has supported my large family dedicatedly because ever since daddy dies feeding and other things have been very difficult for us [13 children in all and 3 wives] I happen to be the first child as my Mum is the first Wife.

The Issue here is that I hardly go home as a result of the hardship at home but even send money home once in a while as a student, it will be safe to say I am currently going out with three men and I have had sex with two of them and in constant romance with my university boyfriend.

They are:
My espoused would be husband
2.      My  Very Good benefactor who gives me money regularly for my studies and up keep
3.      My campus Boyfriend [400 levels] who I have come to know the meaning of love with.

I have of course not told my campus boyfriend that I will marry him as he is aware of my money bag friend who gives me money [for school fees, upkeep and send some home] and he will of course know I spend the weekend wit him once in a while but he still finds it so easy to be my friend and be everywhere with me on campus.

My Betrothed husband in my town only calls and hardly sends me money but he never cease to buy me native cloths, veils and look in on my extended family etc…

so do I live my betrothed would be husband and damn the consequences of doing that [you dare not go against your parents, family, religion and culture where I am from] but I do not love him or any of his ways
I am fond of my money bag who is married but is so sympathetic to my situations and gladly pay all my bills [if he was not married and from my place it would have been easy to marry him]
My campus boyfriend is my Joy, he is from the west and has taught me how to browse, socialize, relate and know what romantic love is. He is a Christian.

So why write all this? Well who knows someone might have something to say that will help concerning my case seeing that I don’t have very close friends and have never had good counselors hence my taking advantage of this forum.

I wish I can have one just one male friend and please God as He expect me to be but this are the situations am contending with... any advice will be appreciated.
                              (my name is my name )

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