Saturday, 7 February 2015

Nothing Wrong With Sex... bur

There is nothing wrong with SEX especially in a marriage context 
hence that RING should remind "us" that when we said  "I DO " we also said "YES to sex " & of course YES to assisting in the kitchen ( ***yukkk, abi ? )

So, inspite of all the sermonising we should ask the question again & again...
Question : Why do men like sex ?
Answer   : Men were made & created to have the stronger desire for sex ( God put the desire in us, we did not invent it ourselves )

However control of this beautiful gift from God is of a very important essence to us as men. Control shows we are considerate, matured & Godlike ( talk is cheap abi? )
seriously control is important.

Will Marriage cure the frequency of Sexual Arousement or libido in men?
Sadly NO, it will not but it CAN HELP .

Today is not the day for a long discourse on this but...

Its important as humans ( God-fearing ) to create & put SPIRITUAL / moral FENCE (gate) against the wasteful & sinful use of our Sexual plus Emotional drive in a way that makes God happy hence creating the needed balance in our matrimonial homes.

NB: A word for the man whose wife hates sex, well if you were a teacher or lecturer & you have students who have problems in mathematics :
how do you help them over come the mathematics problem ?

You don't teach an Adult anything by abusing them physically or emotionally, you take your time & show them the importance of the course (sex ) and take time to passionately teach them with several tutorials where possible...
**Trust God will grant you more wisdom & strategy on this..


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