Tuesday, 27 January 2015

@ Different Kinds Of People

the self opinionated: form opinions based on what they see, hear & how they feel & stick to their opinions doing all they can to make it air-tight (regardless of the eventual true state of things )

the conformers : goes with the most popular trends & just belong for what ever reasons they see is "okay"

the extremists : says & do things entirely different from what everybody has said or is saying. they can go too far from the norm.

the easy-goins : take life easy & just watch stuff from the distance , in the end they just do what sets them in a comfy zone (sometimes @ a peril )

the religious : they just do whatever has been prophesied or what they thought is in the book of revelations or book of the religious elders.

the opportunists : they look around & just harness the "stories" / realities for financial or positional leverage (fame & recognition)

the analysts : they explain all the school of thoughts, opinions & actions of other people leaving things more murkier than ever.

the confusionist : not interested in procedures, structures or parleys. they are basically commissioned to disrupt proactive proceedings & set progress aground (for financial & competitive reasons etc... )

the confused : they just don't know what is going on because there are so many versions & school of thoughts out there. ( they sit tight & mostly don't do anything )

the umpires : they see themselves as all knowing, and believe things wont settle until their opinions has been heard.

by no means an exhaustive list.
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