Monday, 8 December 2014

Rev George Adegboye: Happy Birthday to My World Class Trainer & The Body of Christ's Walking Bible

Apostle George Adegboye

Apostle George Adegboye

Dateline December 7th:

Met Baba via through the preachings & the Words of another mentor (my Pastor)

Heard so much about him that I naturally wanted to meet him.
Anyway, I had
my chance at an Apapa Family meeting of the RCCG @ TBS Lagos.
Ohhhhhh, I was so dumbfounded hearing him preach, he didn't fit the picture I had.of him in my mind but mennn, Baba dazzled with The Word of God. I stopped writing down scriptures when He quoted more than I could write.

Anyway, I rushed out to buy his tapes & I was shocked to find a "Mob" on the tapes (no CDs then) anyway I only managed to get one tape.

So here was I again coming to Ilorin for my PostGrad & my Pastor encouraged me to attend Baba's Church (Rhema Chapel) when in Ilorin, maybe 'cos I shared my the fact that I had a 'Call' with him hence  blah blahhhh blahhhh, blahhhh.

Anyway FastForward to 2years after being in Ilorin, going back to Lagos to look for secular employment & then running back to Ilorin to Apply to Work with Baba (Rhema Chapel) .
Anyway I was posted & designated to serve/work with Rev George Adegboye as a "Trainee Minister" even though I had thought there wasn't any training.

Haaaaaaa, Training under Baba (he was fondly called), was TOUGH, HARD, DETAILED & Tasking for me. (looking back now, I am grateful for those dose Training days).

There was nothing Baba will ask you to do that he would not do & I do really think that beyond all those hard hard stance Trainers can have, Baba is really a "softie" for young people.

Learnt so much from Rev George Adegboye that has helped me to deploy my skills, Ministerial Graces etc.. & I have Unlearned so many things upon meeting & training under him too.

Few Important Things I Learnt :
1. Stay in your location & stop moving around as a minister
2. Study The WORD & not some junk books
3.Dress Very Well
4. Be Bold, boldnesssssss
5. Get the best possible transactions ever, no room for wastes.
6. No room for "dem say, dem say" Prove all things.
7. Never Assume,  No assumptions.

NB: am.sorry this is the much I want to share here for a long time to come. lol

If we have had any little flash of Ministerial Dexterity,  it is because we have Stood on Shoulders of Rev George Adegboye.

Babaaaaahhhhhh, Happy Birthday Oooo,
I Appreciate You,  Honour you sir & Thank You for all those beautiful times. (cant forget when you gave me access to your largeeee Library) That for me was the highlights of my Training with you.

Honestly & Sincerely Love you Sir,
We really do.

Happy Birthday sir.

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