Tuesday, 23 December 2014


I realy do...

Dear sir,
Great day to you sir, how are you doing & work? its been a while sir.....
You have been quite busy lately hence my not bothering you like I used to and its not because I have grown so much that I don't coaching again.
I still need you like crazy !!!
the little pep talk, questions & prayer really does matter to me.

One of the reasons why I find it easy to disturb (lol) and come to you is because I always leave your abode Energized . Your speech & counsel energizes me so much.

I know you pray for me a lot and intercede in every way that you can but I will very much love & want you to scold me in the places you think I have erred.
'cos I also want to be pruned so the thorns in my life can be taken care of so my gardens can bloom with flowers,  lol.

Sir, 'honestly hope & wish I can spend a whole day|week with you or even go on a mentor|protegee vacation with you so I can get to ask all the questions I wanna ask (I wont make monetary requests) as that is NEVER the reason why I gravitated to be mentored by you in the first place.

How am I doing sir?
Am I productive or busy with activities ?
What areas do I need to work on & are there stuff I should intensify on?

2015 comes fast sir & I seriously look for an opportunity to sit & learn from you again, ofcos I have been soaking up all your materials I could lay hands on too.

I look forward to being sent for by you because I do not want to take the lead to see you as always so I don't be a bother.

So much to say sir but want to keep it short for now, have a wonderful day sir & love to the family.

thank you.
Banjo ORE


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