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HOW NOT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOUR PASTOR, prevention they say is better than cure. The greatest deception is to think that you are super-human.

SO, why are we discussing this?
cos' this sacrilege is pushing to become a norm.

First OFF Pastors are humans & have their own issues,
if the time was right,
place serene,
price right,
pressure in place,
home in dis-array etc... most Pastors might fall into that sin.
So, guess we are all to be very careful.

Now, how to PREVENT IT.
Considering that you are an honest church member who is not deliberately out to witch-hunt the shepherd into your bed.

1. Accept the fact that your Pastor is not biologicaly related to you (if it is a MALE pastor)  so remember Mummy's counsel "do not play with boys/men" ( spiritual father is not same as biological relationship)

2. When your Pastor starts touching your Chin, Neck , Nose, Mouth & Eyes then their is potential trouble, Its not normal for a stranger (your Pastor is a biological stranger & either of you should have no emotional account with each other hence..) to touch your face for any reasons is WRONG.

What if he is elderly? (well he has functioning hormones) then
cant the wife do all the touching for him?

and It does not matter if someone is there while he is doing the touching, it is your body that is being touched and not theirs hence push away his hands or simply avoid them.

NB: Why will you even put yourself in a position to be touched in any way like that?
Meaning you are either privately in his office or he's at your house abi? or car somewhere?  etc...

We are not trying to blame any one here but to help us all AVOID EMOTIONAL CHAOS in our lives.

3. You are not obligated to return favours granted to you with your body in anyway or anywhere.
Its not done in the Kingdom even if it happens in the secular...
Kingdom principles are way different from secular practices,  so please note.

We don't repay favors in Church "In-kind", so dont be made to feel guilty.

4. Tears,  tears,  tears..
you have to watch those tears ( his own tears or yours ) Tears makes us more emotional & emotions are bad leaders, dont let it lead you on.
When a man cries before you, do not attempt to comfort by holding him unless "of cos" he's your husband or those you feel very veryyyyyy safe with & that you can trust with your life.

So as to reduce space & be less verbous, treat your Pastor or other men as strangers that you can not afford to be emotionaly tangled with...
its so very dangerous to GROW EMOTIONALY TOWARDS someone just 'cos of a favor to / for you or 'cos you respect & honor them.

Give your heart to your husband or the one you wanna marry & if they are rejecting your love well, that's another issue for another day.

Create decent moral walls around you & have people who can call you up to help keep you in check.
(now its also a problem if its only your Pastor that can do that)
So widen your scope of influence too...

NB: this are my opinions, so pls feel free to discuss your perspectives.


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