Thursday, 27 November 2014

Hey, Stop Suspecting EveryBody !!! ( proceed cautiously & with courtesy)

some people have suffered from previous (not necessarily maritaly inclined) relationships hence they now close their heart to fresh NEW relationship that could benefit them in other numerous ways.
Not every one who comes after you seeking to be:
a Friend,
Colleague, Aquaintance,
Wife or
whatever Relationship is BAD or "WORSE"
...and am not saying we should be less vigilant too.
NOT EVERYONE on facebook not all within or without your circle of INFLUENCE is a "LEECH" or a servant from hell.
We've all got to learn how to EVALUATE people using Godly means so we dont end up IGNORING right Relationships God wants to bring us into.
Then some of "US" give up too soon:
That the person you are trying to reach is not responding to you speedily does not mean "anything"
he/she may be taking their time too...
NOBODY wants to make a mistake,
so Pursue Cautiously, Courteously & with Wisdom. Look for the Green light & reach out Graciously.
NB: and for all the young people out there, the use of social media does not negate the use of Courteous words etc...
all this wassup, waddown, hiya, heyy, howdy,warefa etc... will not work for everybody Ooooo. TUNE UP your salutations to acceptable standards depending on who's on the other end.
Hopefully our hope will NEVER be caught off...
Lets give someone a fair hearing Chance today: return the calls, reply the facebook message / emails etc...
We are all we've got,
A Very Bigggg Cheers.
Life Is Challenging but its Beautiful.
NB: Love all your friends but its so okay not to trust all of them, lol.

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