Friday, 10 October 2014

Value Added To You Always...

Dont ever be raised or pressured into thinking that your value can be equated to material things.

You are worth more than ephemeral (fleeting ) or even tangible things.

It is INJURIOUS to think that the SALARY / ALLOWANCE you earn is your real worth (technically few motivational speakers will say 'what you earn is directively proportional to your worth'),
even in a bad economy? ...dont think I agree shaa, but that is not to agree that people 'MIGHT' Value you solely on:
1. What you look like
2. What you Know
3. Achievements
4. Maybe Who you know
5. Your Degree (dat was before Ooooo)
6. Can I add, who you know?

Anyway, no matter how squeezed, smelly & 'freckled' a #1000 Naira note is, its value is still same as a New #1000 note.

So, lets all seriously think about this:
---Our Value
--- Our Worth

carry yourself well
correctly estimate your Worth?


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