Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mistakes We All Make in Life...

You can not transfer skills from one profession to another profession / career,  even if its the same profession you,ve gat to know that its a different location / environment hence learn to SWITCH.

A very popular radio show host in Lagos decided to come do broadcasting on the Television & trust me, he blew all the episodes as he shook, flinched, trembled,  sweated profusely & his voice quivered as he was not used to all the lights... & Actionnnn.

The program was shut down. he thought he could bring radio skills to the Television.

Have you seen the blogs of some celebrities lately? 
yep, its being overgrown with bushes !!
it takes guts & consistency to blog...

and emm, did you hear about the several bloopers music celebs cause on movie sets?
they just forget lines any how. (music ain't acting so get some trainings too)

what am I driving at?

If you need to switch,  change to, perch or squat in another career,
REMEMBER you have to train,learn & master all the skills needed for the NEW CAREER you are shifting into.

Personal Experience here:
Having played soccer a bit  on the streets & in my platoon at the NYSC, I thought I still gat the skills,
So I recently, decided to play with my nephews & one of them (11yrs old) in a football academy who I gave birth to (my brother's) dribbled me & broke my leg.

I was bed ridden for 2weeks & nearly fell out of the pulpit when preaching after the incident cos of the pain (wish I had re:trained myself & get back into shape)

So, the reasons why someone is failing is cos' they are too proud to get further training, mentoring,  etc... (you cant go very far if you dont stand on someone's "shoulder" )

Life is not about
Age, money, pedigree, grammer, etc...

behind those flashy suits of successful men are:

---you think say na joke for an Igbo man to learn business for 7-10yrs ? (Apprenticeship)

No be by grammer alone except if you wan read NEWS for CNN or _________________

Take out your mind & dance on it...
What Else can, Should you learn?

Live Life Well to the Full
die empty
No Regrets.


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