Friday, 10 October 2014

A Counsel for Husbands...

Its so shocking to NOTE & know that researche(s) have shown that Wives see Husbands most Sexiest when they help with house "chores", being there to "GIST" with them on the bed without asking for sex or on the couch without watching their  favourite game or thumbing thru. gadgets
yup, that's it...

Wives love husbands that are 'SACRIFICIAL'

Would we have loved God so much if He had not given us His son to die for our sins?

Would Jesus Christ be "so important us" if He had not agreed to go to calvary?
have you read that part where He was tempted not to go to calvary & great drops of sweat like blood dropped for His skin but God sent an Angel to strengthen Him?
"It wasn't easy, but it was worth it" C.C Winans

Honestly, I am not gonna say that Marriage is all smoothie & KFC (itic) but its worth all the issues,hurt & grind.

Men, Guys, brothers, brethren, Male Peeps, Ya'all,
Marriage is so so beautiful &
you get out of it what you INVEST or put in.

Dont 'GRIND' ur Wife,
Free the Woman
INVEST in Her.
Nurture her
Be the Sexiest to her **yup
as in try BE the man in her dreams...

Marriage is Honourable.

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