Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Why, Oh Why do we do the things we pray that other people do not do?

We eat tons of food, get fatter but become emptier as we move on?

Our houses become so fine but families are breaking up?
The more things we have, the more we discover it will/cannot bring us Joy.
Why are some of us so unhappy when we have so much?
And why do some of us think we will be so happy when we have much more?

Why do we act as if we have all the answers to all the world problems?
Why do we speak, orate or project as if we have all the answers when we have not figured out few things ourselves?
Why do we want others to look on us with so much reverence when we are mere mortals?
Why do we fail to acknowledge that what we know is a product of what we got from others?

Why is there so much hatred?
Why do we not do first in our families what we want to do in the society?
Why do we not do unto others what we would want done to us?
Why do some people not understand what it means to serve? Its not taking what’s meant for all for oneself.

If ONLY we will just do what we can where we are to ADD VALUE to the society then our world would be a better place.

BE the CHANGE where YOU ARE…

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