Monday, 11 August 2014


All our work in the ministry,
all the EVANGELISM for HIM
all the MISSION TRIPS and all the behind the scenes church arrangements / logistics
plus all those EXPLOITS round the World..
DOES NOT and WILL NEVER REPLACE our personal RELATIONSHIP with Christ Jesus.

So, I guess we all have to RE-FOCUS on the TRUE FOCUS.

...need we say more?

One of my Fav. Scriptures
John 5 vs 39-
paraphrased in my own language: Jesus said'
...Una just dey read bible from cover to cover dey do big big greek, lexicon & hebrew study about me but the truth be say all this STUDY na about me.

So STUDY all you want. if you dont HAVE THAT RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ,
you are just doing an Academic Study.

how Ironic ?!

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