Sunday, 3 August 2014

...has LOVE suddenly become A DATA BUNDLE ?!

The way service providers sell bundle rates to us is so deceptive.

They tell you its ridiculously cheap but when you purchase the data bundle, it BURNS as if fire is set to dry grass.
Imagine data bundles meant for a month is used in 2weeks.

Funny, cos that's how LOVE burns out this days.
'thot' LOVE between married couples is supposed to be for ever?

My goodness when did LOVE become a data bundle whose validity can expire or burn out before 'D' day?

Love,  TRUE love is supposed to be for ever
especially the ones that lead to MARRIAGE.
The way it burns up now is so killing the society.

Now, most of our parents were not devouted Christians yet they remain.married for over 40yrs, 60yrs and even beyond.
and YES some of the men cheated & hard extra marital affair plus a lot of issues too but wondered what still kept them together? (not saying its good to cheat)

...But NOW so called believers SCATTER it all after 3yrs, wharrrrrrrrrrrt
and pls beating your wife won't solve the issue for whatever reason.

Wonder if Airtel, Glo , Etisalat etc... give out free MB for browsing for nothing?
Do they allow us "test" the data bundles before purchase?

So once you buy, thats it.

These days young people "be like" give out free MB & allow suitors use their data bundles ( sorry Love bundles) anyhow, 
after giving yourself away, what else is there to give?
what respect will he/she have for you?

Where is that TRUST that she can BELIEVE that you are not using someone else's DATA BUNDLES elsewhere?

Are you weakening the VALIDITY of your marriage already?

If you FEEL INADEQUATE in your marriage, Maybe there is the need to LOOK INWARDS & look UPWARDS to God plus learn horizontally from people around you (incognito) in disguise.

Our prayers & heartfelt love to people seeking to strengthen their marraige (relationship)

"Us" men need to crucify ourselves from time to time in order to PLEASE our wives, lolllesttt...

Women are great, TREAT them better & your life will be easierrrrr.

Men are big babies, let & leave them to be in charge & we gonna be like Jackie Chan for you.

MARRIAGE (relationship) IS A BOX, you ONLY get from it what you have put in...

Lets SACRIFICE to make our society AWESOME via our Marriage (relationships) Banjo Ore

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