Tuesday, 15 July 2014

"Social Media" is a human creation hence liable to "human frailties"

....becareful not to submit your self esteem into the grip of "Social Media",
be aware that "Social Media" is a human creation hence liable to "human frailties"    

As a matter of fact when I go through some Social Media Report , am like: Whatttttttttt

here is what "Banjo Ore" thinks:
---Dont be prejudiced (biased) into writing something you dont mean, can't defend or support

--dont you ever think you can know, decode or understand people via Social Media  (who knows, they might be projecting what they think you'd like to read)

---Social media na MARKET, [pointblank]... everybody's gat something to sell ( so if you wanna peddle ignorance or wits, you are welcome on board.

-- Don't feel so bad when you think you'v written / posted something great & no one is liking, sharing or commenting on it. ( its been seen & someone is probably micro-waving it into there idea...  ( We can all be so guilty of that too you know & emmm, CEOs (Celebs) no dey like or share status updates from "wannabes" or Pre- Celebs. lolllest

So... dont give no space to whatever is seeking to control your feelings via terrestial & or cyber space etc..

don't dignify anyone one's status updates & let it control, use every update as a means of propelling yourself to a better upper echelon in life...

So, that's just the way it is or is it not? though I know it could be more !!!


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