Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Say it not in 'Gath' !!

...Dont let the "daughters of the Philistines rejoice"
say it not in "Gath"

...dont even mention it in the avenues,
dont let the daughters of the uncircumcised gloat,
dont let their nobles feel triumphed.

NB: do you make a public announcement that your "father" or his friends got "misfortuned" as a result of their human frailties which they are yet to curtail ?
...why do I feel the need to tell all my friends that my "esteemed" uncle was caught in a "riotous act" ?

Must you be the one to be used by the "Nemesis" & its Sponsors?

say it not in Gath,
say it not on blogs,
never on social media
neither to "an uncircumsized"
Allow those God has Graced with "resolving conflicting situations " to handle...

...Say it not in Gath ( 2 Sam 1: 19-21)

Be careful how you handle the issues of other people,

what you push around,
go round,
and comes around.

#wisdom is profitable to direct

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