Monday, 14 July 2014

Dear Youth...

Dear Youth,
You must understand that when God gives you a dream / vision,  its for the good of the society & to better the lot of all hence do not let anyone tell you it can't be done or that its not what they have in mind...

God gave you the Vision & not them hence no one is your standard or should limit you.

It is your responsibility to LISTEN to God & get the strategies of how you will FRUCTIFY that dream.
Then, you might "Unknowingly" step on toes as you go about FLESHING your dream & putting your strategies to work.
Dont be deterred, you will say "sorry" later or apologize to those who think you are hurting them simply because you are "fructifying" your dream ( the sorry is to help their faith & for you to have a clear conscience & its OPTIONAL too) lol
+[now don't bite the fingers that fed you...

Anyway what cant be done when God is backing you up?

FIFA was the dream of someone, UEFA was too including Champions League but who told you all cant be changed?
Who says other organisations to manage football can't be formed?

was NECO not formed to move WAEC to the sides?

Now NABTEC is also in vogue & see how JAMB is constantly being modified?

has the ranks of ASUU not being broken by Unilorin who is not a member?

Who told you that ONE DAY Medical Doctors & others wont be able to strike in this country again?

And did you ever believe that a 47yr old man can be a Governor in Nigeria let alone be the Speaker of the House of Rep. ?

Would you ever believe that a past President will loose politically in his ward or that an Incumbent Governor will loose his seat?

Times are changing !!


Go for you dreams Oooo

dont let anybody as in ANYBODY mess your shine,

But, remember If you do things alone & in a wishy washy manner, you are going to regret it & ANOTHER SHALL REPLACE YOU TOO.

So, Go for the Best

Fructify that Dream...
Nobody will argue with Great Results.

See you at the Top, its less crowdy there & the view is PANORAMIC. Banjo Ore
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