Friday, 18 July 2014

Change Of Guard... ( or else you gonna be in danger)

If Money is a defence
and Wisdom a Defence
then Relationships particularly Friends will be THE Defence: sure to Prune your relationships (Friends)
Some relationships are:
For Life... for everrrrrr

You need to know which is which.

Friends are also like Guards around you...
Mentors are definately stronger Guards

So how necessary will it be to Change your passive or redundant Guards ( maybe strengthen the functional ones you already have) being more closer to the ones you have...

If you have Friends or in  forms of Relationship with people / somebody

---move farther away from them bcos, they have INTENTIONALY and/ or LAZILY not done well so far

---they have slandered you

---they have been very bad to others

---they have eroded Godly values

---they have continually neglected family values
and revel in all forms of excesses too.

...Ofcos,you should  smile when you talk with them , even stop to have a snack with them so as to make someone feel good
BUT... datz as far as it will get...
or as far as it SHOULD go.

...Be THE second skin, email, text , chat with and pray for THOSE WHO'S GAT YOUR BACK
people who ADD VALUE TO YOU...
it doesn't matter if THEY reply or acknowledge YOUR gestures EVERYTIME (mentors especially)  some can be very busy and not even know you personally even though they bless you constantly.

... the most important thing is that they have  affected YOUR Life positively and always will in one way or the other...

reciprocate Great Gestures and even go beyond that.
BE THE BLESSING and the Comfort..

A simple Change of your Guards.... can work wonders
Especially if.....
If it is done with & in Wisdom.

Thank you, pls go and make the world a better place and
Surround yourself with GUARDS...

when negative stuff "be" happening around you then you,ve gat to Change Guards or strength the existing ones.

Much Love...

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