Tuesday, 17 June 2014

What's Your KNOCK-OUT PUNCH LIKE? abi, u wan remain "fanclub" 4 eva..

If you decide to be a SPECTATOR in the game of life you might be a fan forever & never get to be an ICON (an ICON is the best example of the profession they are involved with/in)

Even though football "hooligans" (political hooligans) are now ICONIFIED & documentries made & shown about their prowess at causing chaotic & cataclysmic changes globally.

.....however odd this may seem or sound you should know that you "OUGHT" to pack a POSITIVELY INCLINED  POWER PUNCH of your own that will help tilt the society in the way the Creator ordained for it to be.

So, whats your KNOCK OUT PUNCH & are your "TEAM SPIRIT " skills horned?  (developed) cos' if this is not in place then to the SPECTATOR hall of fame will one remain.

WHATS YOUR OWN KNOCK OUT PUNCH? what sets you apart from those you are in the same profession with?
What, what,  whatttt ?

NB: less I forget, may you seek to be inspired so that you can innovate your hustle when ever you find yourself as a "SPECTATOR" anywhere, Amen.

Cheers !!!

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