Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Banjo Ore

So, this is not my Obituary but my Birthday Celeb
this is not to occupy precious space on the web but deploy & crystallize my HEART-FELT THANKSGIVING TO JEHOVA GOD my Creator,
This certainly, is not to cause any stir & arouse people to read this blog but to EXPRESS my heart as to the faithfullness of God.

It would have been an 8 years rememberance if I had died in that road accident I had years ago,
or "19yrs in mind" if I had died in the 30days I spent in the hospital when I had that  sickening ailment.
...but God kept me
Ohhh, you kept me from several other catastrophies,
and YOU are still keeping me.

Am so grateful,
this is my show of unshameful GRATITUDE to God.

For all the beautiful times,
the challenging ones you took me through & the wonderful future you have shown me, am so too very very grateful.

NO REGRETS being your Child Lord.

Gratefull for all my loved ones, you make my world full of Love: my sibblings,
Pappy Jay
Barr Akin
and my parents Daddy & Mummy Ore
Wifeski mi: Olayinka Mi
My babies. D & D.. love you guys a lot.

Love every one of you guys a lot.

The Shout out on facebook is crazy today, as in you guys are just too loving.
To Senior friends, Mentors, Colleagues,Friends, Protegees & facebook friends, am so grateful to everyone for making my day a beautiful one.

Now let me sit back & go through the greetings on facebook plus inboxed greetings again.

Am grateful Lord...
Swift Harvest ahead.

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