Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Pst Bimbo Odukoya...

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya (1960-2005)

Even though I never stepped up to meet you personaly,
I followed you
Listened to you
& went out to see & watch you speak.

I purchased your materials
Downloaded it into my spirit
Told others about it
...and your ministry is still imparting my life till now.

I asked myself:
What will Pastor Bimbo preach?
What will she do?
How did she do when preaching/

Your charm, firmness & Godliness is unmatched.
I realised God used you for me ma,

Why Now?
Why this post?

Well Why NOT?

...most people never really get to cry well when they loose a loved one but do all the crying later on.
Well,  that is it.

Thank God when you were alive you Preached with fervency & with a massive sense of URGENCY.

This generation misses you,
We receive the Grace to keep carrying on from where you stopped.

Pst Bims,
Great Mentor
Sleep ON in the bossom of the Lord.


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