Wednesday, 7 May 2014

[ Is Your Wife Happy In "Your" Marriage ]

Marriage is ordained & affirmed by God but it will be equally safe to say not everyone is happy in their marriage.

One of the easiest ways to know & Judge the health of a marriage is to "take a look at the lady of the house"

Men are good with this male ego "nothing do me" thing but the women folk might not be that good with it..
--->>well if your wife smiles & pretends with you when friends are around you WILL soon DISCOVER how hurt & angry she is when you want some "Creative" conjugal bliss from her.

Try ask your wife if she is happy with your "Marriage" to her.
hmmm, If she immediately  shifts her gaze away from your eyes  & gives you a second look, a queer smile & a sigh (it could be different) then there are issues..
...but if she keeps her eyes steady on you & says:
YES, I am happy -- then you have tried as a man.
If she says:
NO staring into your face then, that woman is a very sad person.

Wonder how many Wives drop a note for their husbands & say I am so happy in this marriage blah blah blah...
or she runs at you & say it into your face without your asking. 

NB: Pls dont be tempted to rationalise or analyse what could have caused the unhappy demeanor of your wife in the Marriage, but as long as you are the husband: you are her priest, prophet & her knight in shining armour.

Personally, I have discovered cos I exploited & studied my & other parents marriage that,

YOU as a man should INVEST in your Wife EMOTIONALLY (not money ALONE)

Marriage should be done God's way !!!

Wives Be Submissive, respect & honour your husband.
Mennnnnn, GIVE all things to your wife as Christ gave himself to the Church.

Again, Personaly:
Men ought to INVEST SPECIALLY in their wives & watch her Blossom for you.

Wives are flowers, do the right thing & she BLOOMS.
she grows
she Thrives...

Guys, Men:
Lets do this...

Lets INVEST in that woman,
build up your wife
give her what it takes for her to be who or what she has been destined to be, to be who you want her to be.

Nurture her
water her
speak those positive things into her...
watch her please you more & more because you have sown the right seed into her.

Another definition of madness is expecting someone to love, honour & moan for you when you are always in the habit of hurting them.

Agreed, "women get their part" but Men are not saints either.

If you are the Leader God made you...
Go and take care of that woman with the best of whatever you'v gat.

thank you for reading.
I'll be seeing you soon
One Love!


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