Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Your SPOUSE will not meet all your relational needs

My Wife has never & will not meet all my relational needs.

If my Parents could meet all my relationship needs then I would not have gotten married.

SAME thing will apply to most of us if not all.
As good as marriage is, It will not satisfy all your relationship needs !!!
Can your husband take the place of your friends from school?
Can he REALLY play father figure?
Can your Wife be your "Mummy"

Can your husband be your subordinates in the office where you play 'Boss' ?

There is the REAL NEED to socialise beyond & outside ANY RELATIONSHIP box we may find ourself or else..
or else !?

Marriage is like a Vault & a lot of problems encountered in "this vault" were already outside the THE VAULT  (before people got married)
I mean the problem is not in "Getting Married or MARRIAGE" but the problem/ challenge is in either or both of the "would be spouse"

ENJOYING WHERE YOU ARE (it might not be greener on the other side of the fence)
You've gat to free up yourself from the hassles of what you think you lack & enjoy what you have so that when what you initially lacked now comes you wont think you missed enjoying what you had initially.
( enjoy your singleness)

Please do enjoy the "me & my husband" season that you are now in,  ..cos when the children coms, its gonna be a very busy rollercoster for you guys.

...and if you are in the Child rearing season: ENJOY too cos those babies will all grow up & leave the house soon.

Enjoy where ever you are in your relationships (hopefully its not an abusive one)

LIFE is not on PAUSE
so we shuld NOT put our lives on "PAUSE" either:

...dont let a part of your life HALT or DISRUPT the other part..
ALWAYS find a reason to go on...

Thank you.

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