Monday, 14 April 2014

Who Will Go For Us? (We ALL Hurt So Badly)

Another Bomb Blast !!!

Let me say that it is sometimes so very hard to FOCUS in the midst of so many hurts & heartaches...
'Was a bit heavy hearted AGAIN today seeing & hearing abt the Bomb Blast.
I felt like "God why all this"

But...If we allow 'ourselves' to be PERMANENTLY DISCOURAGED then:
Who will SERVE as an EMBODIMENT of COURAGE to others?

Who will be USED to bring SALVATION, healing & strength to others?
Who will be our CRUSADER?

Who will the Holy Spirit teach, guide & empower to LeadUS

Who will Go for US
who will STAND, Write, Brainstorm for us?

Who will Provide Intelligence?
Who will run Tactics for us?

Who will Provide COVER fire?

Who will LEADUS...

Who will run our Artilleries?
Who will lead our Infantries?
Who will,  who will?

Who will be our OWN fifth Columnist?
Who will risk their career to be issued a Burn Notice so as to be the "RobinHood" of all.

Yes SHED Tears,
but lets ALL COMFORT us...

Let US all GO,
Go where you can be of Help
Enlist & Re-ENLIST...

The Task of Nation Building belongs to all...

Will you Go for ALL?
Will You...

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