Thursday, 17 April 2014

Is Social Media an Excuse to disregard Good Social Values?

I think we should not break simple courtesy rules on social media...
The Social Media era is not another excuse to throw caution to the winds.

Now pls let me say that I am not & will NEVER attack anyone with this (this is just an observation)

Why is it that when someone tweets a compliment at US, as in at "US" (self inclusive) we  retweet their compliments instead of saying a thank you? (Now I know a lot of people have so much followers & friends that are just too much to reply personally to & some people are just too busy.

...but then is retweeting the appropriate way for saying "thankyou"?
I dont think so!!
but then some people are elated when they are retweeted.

Now, I know most people have the exclusive rights to IGNORE,  delete or simply pretend the compliment/greeting/ etc.. is not there instead of retweeting?

but then shouldnt "Thank You" is still very much in order.

Personally, I HAVE observed that the Social Media practices of the Developed Economies can be better than ours even though when/where worse, it is outrageously so.
Anyway, have had scores of Celebreties, Notable People, Clerics & others follow back with a "thank you" for following me or they simply tweet at you via Direct Message to be gratefull to those who follow them...

All am saying is this! !
Lets all EXTEND that Social Norm of being Nice, Warm & Kind to the Social Media.

Lets Spread that Cement called LOVE all over the internet, if its indeed a Global Village like we bliv it is now, then we had better make it a a Love-dobey happy Go funtainment Global Village.

how much of a good husband or wife is someone who will abuse or fight on twitter using all the bad "Effing" words etc... lol

For me I think Facebook or the likes should be a PLATFORM to bless others with whatever STRONG & Societal building Values that we can lay our hands on.

NB: You have a CHANCE to sell yourself to a Global Audience too you know...

Embassies.  Employers, Financial Institution, Gossip Bloggers, Security Operatives, Inlaws, Spouse to be , Prospects, Customers etc... are all watching.


watching US all on Social Media(s)...

...and We all are WATCHING them too.

it will be so cool to watch all our watchers if we knew those who watch us...

So, guess we all have to "arrange" well on social media so that we can all look very tight to our watchers. lol

Just thought to share shaa...

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