Saturday, 26 April 2014

Happy Birthday to my God's General: Pastor Tunde Oyeyipo

Pastor Tunde & Pastor (Mrs) Pearl Oyeyipo
Pastor Tunde Oyeyipo

Words fail me to describe
& use poetic letters/words to celebrate you TODAY.

You were the very first Pastor I ever KNOW or MET,
you Modeled what it was like to be a Pastor & a brother,

I learnt from you closely,  from your attitude, Compared you to many others I heard about or seen
...but Pastor Tunde Oyeyipo you just kept enriching my life then.

The Times spent with you in your car, home, office or as we strolled then were always times where I learnt and took a bite of your spirit.

Knowing that every Pastor had their own fault then,
yours was that 'you were quick to discipline jokingly' & still find a way to make us laugh while being disciplined, lol.

You have deeply influenced &  affected my life positively, & have been instrumental in the major ministerial decisions of my life.

I love you sir & deeply appreciate God for bringing me across your path,
across the path of you & Mummy Pearl.

Every great man
every good thing
every great idea... has a root & a beginning.
Am glad God used you for my beginnings sir.

Those Trainings, though tough paid off big time,
those Teachings, banter you had with us, eating out together, following you to ministrations & just hanging around you really paid me just fine. (am the better for it)

I learnt how to be a Christian from you & was unknowningly learning how to be a Pastor too.

Pastor Tunde Oyeyipo,
Thank You for all you did.

Happy Breathday sir,
Happy birthday.

Wish you a Beautiful New Year Ahead sir.


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