Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Can You Donate Your Loved One?

The CONCEPT of Easter is not a TREND, The SEASON is THE Celebration of what God through Christ did for US all at Calvary.
Some times we do not appreciate the SACRIFICEs done for us, but it is VERY IMPORTANT that we all COMPREHEND it (What Jesus did) so that we can enjoy the benefits.

Pls. Check Out this Illustration:
Imagine if there was an outbreak of the Ebola virus & its only the killing of an Innocent Soul that could CLEAN UP the outbreak?

Will you DONATE any of your LOVED ONES ? (no National or financial awards Oooo)
will you?

It will be a shame to just say "Thank you Jesus" if we only TREAT what He did at Calvary as another TREND.

What he did is more Trendier than Christmas & should not be limited to some hashtags or symbols.

The BEAUTY of all this is when our life becomes  ACTUAL REFLECTIONS of what He purchased with His Blood.

Dont social-medialise or ICT-lise everything, APPROPRIATE the BLESSING of Resurrection everyday.


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