Monday, 28 April 2014

Are you enjoying Social Media?

As a Human Capital Consultant, my expectations & prayers is that somebody reads, learns & feeds off from all the positive energy on facebook/social media.

Ofcos: not everyone gains on social media, you just have to TRAIN your mind to see the best & harness wisdom from here.

...Personaly everytime I come on & exit social media, Ideas fly through my mind & I get so encouraged to do more. Agreed there are dark-spots & distracting stuff too but tell me where they are not?
you tell me?

Social Media is a needed platform in this generation (thats an understatement)

just by the side...
NB: A woman was caught recently bcos she stole her employers clothes.,
guess how they caught her?
Yep, she was wearing the cloth she stole on facebook. lol
mumuuu abi?

If I were you, I will FOLLOW big brands that have Integrity on Social Media:
Pls FOLLOW their ORIGINAL account & not the FAKE or SYNDICATED ones.

----Social Media is a community hence understanding the way the 'demography' of a society is or should be CAN assist you in understanding social media more..

Lets all learn to positively  utilise Social Media to our advantage .

NB: Pls kindly share any tips (or link) about any Social Media report, tips or Info. with us, lets help "US" all enjoy Social Media.


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