Sunday, 2 March 2014

Of Marital Divorce(s)

I have never been divorced and I pray & know I will never be… and the truth is that when people that we do not share the same faith, believe and scriptural theosophies divorce, I am not too too shocked or surprised cos I used t think that they divorced bcos they are not ‘’PIOUS’’ Christians but again am so quick to re-evaluate my stance because several people I know that are not and have never been ‘’PIOUS’’ Christians are still married. Still MARRIED for upwards of 30years. 

Am so sure those marriages too have a lot of ups and downs but they made the commitment to remain married, THEN AGAIN I don’t know what made some people exit a particular marriage: right?
Should they die because they are married?
Should they be made a punching bag for the rest of their lives?
Should this or thatttt?!

So many things we will never know or discover… about this DIVORCE thing
Only the people who have been divorced can say what they explicitly experienced in that relationship.

……….right now am at a loss for what else to say or write……………  want to be careful and not appear insensitive to the people involved in a divorce: its not a fad or ‘’hot selling topic’’

I empathize with you people…
And for the Lot about to choose and marry…
Don’t be turned into a societal laughing stock...

Wish I could say that ONCE you become a PIOUS CHRISTIAN divorce will be far from you, but I cannot... cos Clerics divorce too, Pious people now announce their divorce.(not trying to mean anything pls.)

So, how do we STOP Divorces?
I DON’T KNOW, the bit I know I read it all up so its not a tenable EXPERIENCED or PRACTICAL Counsel…

But… I know how to tell or counsel you to marry right!!! (Stay tuned to this blog & we all gonna learn some more..)

However, God will SORT anyone out who genuinely cares to ask Him for help…

I Love you guys…

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