Friday, 14 March 2014

Don't Use Other People's Training !!!

Dont use other people's TRAINING & Operational Language as yours.
What you see on the Telly & around might not do you well.
In Professional Wrestling they teach you:
"Dont be MEEK or Weak" be boisterous.

In Hollywood:
"Be Passionate & give WHATEVER the audience wants"  including showing off your privacy etc...

In MUSIC ( rap,hip-hop, R&B etc.. )
Dress from the heart "KILL IT" Be different & borrow to impress before the money comes in...

In Church: (most)
It is well, bow before people & appear 'pious' / exhibit piety etc...

In the Military:
"Obey the last Order" even if it means .......... (fill in the blanks pls)
Dont be CONFUSED or led astray by what you see around.
dont have an Identity Crises

Who you are?
What you are here for?
Who you are sent to?
How you are to go about it?
& Who you are to work with.
...timing is crucial too.

Feed your mind
Invest in Personally Developing YOURSELF
& when you think you have all TOGETHER, Please dont FORGET
The ALL IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP with JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth which you ought to have even had from the beginning of your life.

This is THE RIGHT WAY....
--bullet (Failure) Proofing your Life is CRUCIAL..
Settle down & Plan YET again...

Forge Ahead
Re: Strategize
Go Onnnn

ZOOM into the Future...
Love you much
thanks for always reading my blog,
I appreciate.

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