Monday, 17 February 2014

Of Homosexuals & the Federal Govt.'s Pronouncement of Jail Term for them

I am not a political correspondent neither am I a flowery writer that pads the real stories inside repetitious words of English so here goes..

its a blatant waste of resources & energy to try to kill a fly with a sledge hammer.
Why on earth will you profer a jail term of 14yrs for people who profess to be Homosexuals?
did they commit any crime?
Against who?

Yes in the Old Testament we see where they should be killed abi? but that's in a spiritual context & within a particular tribe of God's people.
Nigeria is a secular state & far from being spiritual hence...

Why am I saying all this?
Am I an Homosexual? No I am not & have never been.

Am I saying its good to be an Homosexual?  No am not & never will say that...

Will I allow an homosexual into my home/office? Yes I can allow.

Am I saying people can be free to be Homosexuals? No, I am not saying & Never will say that.

So what am I saying?
Am saying that Nigeria is a secular state hence handing down 14years imprisonment to homosexuals is a bit stiff because according to Psychologist, Homosexualism & other sexual related forms that is not "Normal " is a Biological or Social Dysfunction in people.

So my question is: How Ethical is a Jail Term for people with Social / Biological Dysfunction?

What happens to other people in the society who have other serious flaws / conditions.
e.g People who Embezzle Society's funds

(Imagine a public servant owning 144 properties in a State) Should that not be a 'Treasonable' offence too?
Drug barons
Arm Bandits
People linked with Terrorists
Men who like sleeping with 9yr old girls
(Pls dont just allow me mention some other serious social vices that need more urgent attention)

NB: Some of this so- cald Homosexual are geniuses & responsible people who are contributing to the Growth of the country but right now most of them are Exiting the country & seeking refuge in other countries.

I just wish we could handle this issue with more wisdom.
Yes Wisdom...
Wisdommmmmmm & more WISDOM.

God loves Homosexuals too & they are part of those Christ died for,

Pls dont kill Nigeria's fly with sledge hammers & neither with cotton swabs...

Time to make the right decisions that will provoke Mending of fences in Nigeria.



Banjo Ore @olabanjore

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