Monday, 10 February 2014

Dont Abandon It...

Dont abandon your purpose & calling because you are afraid of going thru. d motions of tilling the ground.
A life OUTSIDE God's purpose & Will for your life might provoke eventual perplexity &  make you despair.

Never turn your back on Destiny, NEVER.

NB: You 'STAND OUT' when you discover & fulfill purpose but you will remain amongst the masses when you dont.

Men who sensed God's Call,  Discovered purpose & against all odds & counsel of odas : have gone on to ACHIEVE GREATNESS & become 'VERY INFLUENTIAL' (even in death)

Tell me, Of what use is being alive, money in pocket but lacking peace of mind & fullfilment?
Of What Purpose?

Why dont you end of Fulfilling Purpose, Having Peace of Mind & Money in your Pocket / Vault...

Hey, It ain't too late.
Get a Purpose
Be a Soldier of Fortune (for something you'v been wired to do) :- Football, Ministry, Coaching, Teaching, Law, Social Activism, Pastor, Medical Personnel, Business Man, etc... the list is endless .

Find something to LIVE FOR.

Leave a Legacy...

Leave a Mark...

Banjo Ore @olabanjore

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