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Doing Your Part when you Expect the Best !!!

..hey there, saw dis article so I decided to share:
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but: see the excerpts of my featured article below: Expect The Best But Don't Forget Your Part Monica Postell December 7, 2009

...what’s not to like about expect­ing the best of your­self, your co-workers, and, most def­i­nitely, your customers?

...I have a role to play in the suc­cess of the principle. ..Expect­ing the best comes with some respon­si­bil­i­ties; you can't for­get to do your part.

...As you think about expect­ing the best as a man­ager what part do you play?

• I hire peo­ple who can do the job, pro­vide job spe­cific train­ing, and then step aside so they can do the job.

• I let my team know that I know they come to work every day want­ing to do their best.

• I don't worry about future prob­lems; I assume I can han­dle them if they arise. What part do you play as a cus­tomer ser­vice, sales, or sup­port representative?

• I believe cus­tomers are rea­son­able and appre­ci­ate my efforts on their behalf.

• I don't let bad expe­ri­ences from my past color my expec­ta­tions for the future.

• When I get a call, I assume it's going to go well.

• If at first I don't know the answer, I trust that I'll fig­ure out how to use my resources to find the answer.

There are many ben­e­fits to expect­ing the best. It encour­ages employee engage­ment. It encour­ages cus­tomer engage­ment. It's hope­ful, pos­i­tive, and, best of all, it feels great...

Mon­ica Postell works with Impact Learn­ing Sys­tems in design­ing and deploy­ing train­ing and devel­op­ment pro­grams that fos­ter real cus­tomer loyalty.
NB: pls read the full article here:

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