Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Dancing Crippled Boy...

He waltzes into the room on crouches...           

All the three Judges looked at him
The crowd gaped at his form

The Anchor asked his mum... (does he dance well)
The mum  replied ‘’I don’t know’’
Anchor: how come you are his mum and you don’t know...
Mum: ‘’he is always with his friends, dancing’’

So he that waltz in... sat down on a chair !!

Judge: so what’s your name and what are you going to do?
Cripple: I am going to be dancing
Judges: Dancing ???
Crippled Boy: YES

Then the music boomed...

Lo and behold the Cripple took to the stage..
.....dancingggggg on his arms, butt, stomach
..he danced away with his head, eyes, smiles, gestures

Then... the audience erupted in aww awwws
Tears dropped, flowed freely
The Judges... all marvelled
I shed tears
my daughter said.. daddy whats happening

his own mother shook with tears
The music stopped...
he  stopped dancing and sat down,
both of his withered crippled legs...dangled

Time stood still

We were all shocked
that a cripple danced  so well...

the Judges all said YES...
One of the Judges smiled said...
Such courage, hardwork and good attitude deserves a YES!!!

...and this made me wrote the following:

NOBODY should be clueless
No one should be disadvantaged
In every disability is an ABILITY

No one ought agree that they are limited
Bcos we’ve all got limitless advantages from our creator

Just a little passion        

Godly Favour..
Will set you apart...

Keep at it...
Your time arrives...

Let no one say he/she is disabled
Lest Helen Keller (the crippled & blind activist)
Gives such a person a hard Knock...

Deploy YOU...

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