Saturday, 25 January 2014


This concept of Life Coaching really does work... we have seen all over the place, people (both young & old) call themselves LIFE COACH.

Skeptics will think its all a lie but nobody becomes SOMEBODY if they were not COACHED by that special SOMEBODY.

If its any consolation to US all, MOST LIFE COACHES also have their own SPECIAL LIFE COACH too.
The LINEAGE of what ever or WHO-EVER "LIFE COACHING" or "LIFE-COACHERS" you pitch tent or you allow to mentor/ INFLUENCE you will surely determine how you TURN OUT IN LIFE

.. & for those who have refused to to be INSTRUCTED & stepped out too early / too late or maybe failed to use a particular STRATEGY etc....
would have learnt they made great mistakes .

...and YES a Life Coach can misread/or make mistakes just like we all do guess that's where "EXPERIENCE" plus WISDOM comes in.

For all the "VERY YOUNG" Life Coaches out there, keep roaring cos you"ll grow out of being a Cub soonnn & will ROAR like the "Alpha Male"

but pls remember:
The Journey is better with a WISER, MORE EXPERIENCED & better Influential Person.

#spiritfilled. #Gal5vs22. #HEwillGuideYouIntoAllTruth

Achieve Greatness.

Banjo Ore

Banjo Ore @olabanjore

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