Sunday, 20 October 2013


I wish I could be a great giver (give out our car, sow out all our properties into the gospel & present myself as a volunteer for some missionaries in some places etc...)

I wish all the Billionaires who say they love Nigeria can each contribute 50 Billionaire Dollar for RESUSCITATING our FAILED POWER system

I wish that the money contributed will not be embezzled by those put in charge of it.

I wish Mark Zuckerberg will partner with my N.G.O so we do a few Corporate Social Responsibility outreaches together.

I wish I can build my dad an Hotel, raise up a mansion for my mum, give them both brand new Jeeps and pocket money for the rest of their life.

I wish I don’t have to hear anyone say they are hungry

I wish men will just STOP beating /abusing their wives

I wish the women folk/ladies in our society be allowed to be all that they have been destined to become without the men in their life limiting their potentials.

I wish I could send my children to the best schools money can afford.

I wish people will STOP seeing the CHURCH as a perfect place when its supposed to be a place for spiritually sick/discouraged/ or other individuals who want progress in an area of their life.

I wish we can have a National Thanksgiving Day in this country

I wish there can be a forfeiture clause for our politicians so that when they embezzle and are found wanting they lose everything back to the Government and the recovered assets are channeled back into societal empowerment.

I wish people can FOCUS on their calling, career and hobbies without putting all their energy into making money at the expense of their call/career.

I wish the reader can meet any of my above wishes and then proceed to contacting me.
I wish you know that I have FAITH in God for my last sentence before this.

I wish the reader too can make up a wish list
& I honestly wish this has been an inspired reading...

Thank You...

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