Wednesday, 9 October 2013

CONFESSION: Yes, I have lived more with her than with my wife...


My name is Abidemi Raphaels, born a catholic & raised in that class of family where you ate mostly rice and fish and drank more tea than a tilapia fish drank water...

Now that I am married I can state here without any fear of contradiction that I have lived more hours with another woman than I have lived with my wife.. (I sat down and actually calculated the number of these hours and all I could see are hours and hoursssssss with this other woman)

Are you sure you wanna read them? It might jolt you and cause you to do the same thing I am doing here Ooo. Some will never have the opportunity to share something like this cos.. 
bcos theyyy, 
well you will see the reasons later...

So WHY have I spent more time with this woman and what QUALITY times did we spend together? OKAY lemme put it lyk this... this are the STUFF she has done more for me than anybody did and some stuff she did that my wife has not done till now... (maybe she will do that too shaa)

She has fed me with more delicious food cumulatively
She has given me more time than anyone dared.
She has even done more exclusive shoppings for me
This woman has even organised more birthday celebrations for me/
We,ve spent more time gisting, talking and laughing together (there were times that we cried too)
I do not want to sound ungrateful to my wife who has TRIED  in her own way  and even given me gifts but her gifts cant be compared to the gifts this other woman gave me (assets, gift of attention when pressure came etc...)

ENOUGHhhhh...... don’t wanna sound ungrateful, I Abidemi Raphaels love other people in my life
but this oda woman is....
The WOMAN is..
She is mamiiii
Momo mi
Iyaa mi
She is Cecilia Abosede Alaofin
She married Julius Fatoyinbo Ore (pupsy)

Heheheeeeeee.... The WOMAN is Mummmy
And I Banjo ORE is also Abidemi Raphaels.
I think there is no comparism between A wife and ones MOTHER...
ONE can LEAVE (sweety I know you will never leave, just trying to be poetic here)
THE OTHER hadly does/// hardlyyyy doessss, HARDLY..

I have spent more time inside, living with, knowing mami than any other.
I recently got to know and married my wife (a liitle less than a decade) and known mum for over 4 decades (u dont need to calculate my age na..) in very early forties

Help me CELEBRATE my mummy...
Its my Mummmy’s birthday this weekend///
Mamiii, eseun ,eku itoju mi.

I will still buy you house, A JEEP & a Yacht,
Ha Yacht ke,,,, (I don’t tink u like water Oooo, lol )
 I will convert the Yacht to a biggg parry for you & your forum plus outreaches to motherless children home etc...

Mum I love you..
Happy Birthday in Advance (October 12th)
Its me// Bidemi

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