Friday, 30 August 2013


Have you ever heard these words  "People are dieing and we are talking grammer" ? lol, quiet hilarious but
when I listen to people &  News Stations from local to international and all kinds of media... All I see is "THE BLAME GAME"

The left blaming right and right blaming left
Businesses blaming Government
Government blaming vandals, terrorists, the people
The people blaming the government and the media
The media blaming the church
The church blaming the media and the Pastors
The pastors blaming the devil
The devil blaming the people
Some people blaming their parents
Some parents blaming the fathers
Fathers blaming the school system
The school system blaming politicians and the government
Politicians blaming opponents
Opponents blaming political umpires
Umpires blaming structures

Who will structures blame
NEPA or Google?!

The Blame GAME….
Who are you blaming for your challenges?
Are they listening?
What are you doing about it?


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