Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Innovating the "slum" in you...

Today, I feel like yarning dust and nonsense, because its NOW a Billion dollar drive, if you know how to ARRANGE your dusty yarns...!!

Why? Cos, am so surprised at the craze and rush for so called street yarns,street music, seemingly nonsensical jargons which now has become celebrity cliches' e.g      

No long thing
Fileeee bee
Jo Ooo
No leleee
Pary am
U know what amsaying
F**k you nigger
Yor whitey
O'l boy
Etc...   (meaning I do not know any other)

NB: hope my North American, European,etc.. readers understand this? My apologies.

Some of these cliches/phrase have found their way into songs/music and this songs have gone platinum making lots of money for the singers, producers and record companies.

So, what am I saying?

I am saying that we should NEVER take ourselve too too serious in life, be attentive to your surrounding, be aware about your environment..

Sometimes what we need to be a success is just so close to us and right under our nose...

The innovation we so much seek and desire is so much withing reach...

So, clarify your thoughts, let your mind be focused, harness your mental faculties..

Take a Step
Step out..
And STEP ONnnn....

Just clarify first
Then go beyond borders.
SOAR..... AChieveee

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