Saturday, 17 August 2013

Born to give twale?...

Success somebody defines as achieving your set goals and values that you plan to carry out, but a lot of people have also equated money, material things and other things as a means of measuring success.

Anyway... Twale...
Yes... Twaaaaleeeee.

This to a lot of people sounds like a gutter language but a lot of us can identify with this.

You will hear brunch, bloke, ball room, patio etc... From some polished folks and this is acceptable to most of us... And we unknowingly reject the other collolqual or language modes used by other people.

What is twale?

Am sure you know its a form of salute to a higher authority or person percieved to be higher or better still twale can be said or doled out to somebody to deceptivly obtain something from them.

So, twale?
Why the word Twale today..

I listened to a song and the lyrics amazed and inspired me..

Part of the lyrics goes thus:
"...kabiyesi olu orun, I have come to give you twale" (God the commander of heaven I have come to give you twale..)

So as I have said "twale" is a shout out and it certainly is ghetto language...

Most of us look for inspiration and innovation in the wrong places... You will most likely be inspired by what brings you the most passion and your passion will come from the things that you are mostly prone to.

Majority of songs that have SOLD OUT globally are songs that have catchy cliche's that emanated from whatever ghetto or slum that existed in the mind or around the singers.

If you have decided to remain in an environment then get ideas from same!! If not.. Look for the future and bring it to the present...

Welcome to the world of originality where Inspiration is raw, sharp and pure.
Welcome to a world where you do not take yourself too too serious,

Welcome to making money from your hobby and the things you love!!!


Welcome to twale...

Welcome to YOU!!

Twaleeeeee !!!
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