Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I HURT !!!

yes I hurt...

And this is serious       
I do realy hurt!!

From being rejected by people I sometimes look up to who had been hurt by other people hence they are afraid of loving me back...

From family squabbles that end up making others not understand me bcos they do not have the same values that I have

From seeing my loved ones hurt bcos of my self centeredness (I actual thought I was being smart)

I also hurt so bad from all the bad news I see and hear all around me...

Am still hurting from seeing seeing a prominent actor die because he had funds problem when he started his medical issues ( would he have lived longer if more funds were available)

Oh it hurts from seeing Goldie die so early (I dint know her but knew she never deserved to die) God knows best shaa

I hurt because I think am so loaded but still limited because of the environment where I find myself (why does internet connection have to be so elusive and disruptive?)

Hurting because a well respected gentleman I know have to be a victim of alcoholism and put all his loved ones through pains.

Still hurting from the fact that youths with great potentials are judged because of their political affiliations (who gonna take care of them?)

I Even hurt when I sit here in this hot unairconditioned place knowing that it could be better

But come to think of it, if  I have all I ever WANTED in life, won't I still hurt?
Will material things and social developments etc... Take the pain away?

INSPITE of my pain, I will STILL THRIVE...
Am not giving UP
With God's help I will even try make things easier for people and the society

I hurt(ed)
still hurts sometimes
Hurting when I still see or hear few things...

But in it all... I will triumph.
That's how others HURT, worked smart and became multi billionaires..

So.. Sometimes, when I hurt..
I tell myself (put it all behind) Don't have the time to hurt!!

And Comfort those who hurt.

Banjo ORE

~First IMPRESSIONS no longer count,as men have mastered the ART of DECEPTION (diplomacy)

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  1. Deep and true. I understand this because I hurt too. I hurt badly. Thank you for sharing this sir!

  2. hmmm, thank you sir...I appreciate your identifying with this !!
    We,ve just gat to kip THRIVING inspite of the several challenges.
    One Love.