Friday, 3 May 2013

How you can be found by your dream man !!!

how you can be found by the RIGHT man [your dream man] the strategies.

I think its safe to say there are more ladies looking for life partners than guys and in most part of the world there is the ‘’culture’’ that it is the man who should ask the lady out and not vice versa.. 
But there is nothing wrong with knowing how to position yourself well as a lady for the right man to see….
A career banker who is also interested in marrying a banker will certainly not do well to seek for friendship on the tracks or in a gymnasium not because she cannot meet a career banker in a gym. But because the chances are slim when compared to meeting him in a conference, and other corporate functions. [Of course God does miracles] but please remember that God gave us mental powers to think wisely too.
Please see tips on how you can position yourself below or let’s say how you can be found?
How to be Found
Discover who you are?
Find something to do?
Go back to school, if you want a graduate for a husband
Develop yourself in line with the guy you want to marry
Spiritual Exercises (Holiness, Obedience, Giving, Positive Thoughts etc…)
Locate the town where God wants you to stay
Be Emotionally intelligent
Use the Power of leverage: Link up with: you will end up marrying somebody’s cousin, nephew, friend, colleague etc..
Serve in a church for the right reasons and make sure the leadership know you well, who knows]
Serve in an N.G.O or a non-profit organization
LOVE YOU…. Love yourself
Laugh. laugh. and I mean Laugh
Develop yourself mentally [be in-tune, be aware, be brilliant]
Learn to converse
Package yourself well. [Get some poise in there]
Have the right friends
What else can I say about [ Attitude. Arrogance. Character. Waywardness]
lemme stop here... more on the way soon!!!

Don’t forget what God thinks about your choices? and emmm don’t be rushed into making a decision

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take care.

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