Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I wanted to say NO but I snapped !!

Let me share this story from Aunty Rubirossa's column (http://www.banjoore.com/p/blog-page.html)

I wanted to say NO but I snapped !!

Pls allow me to share this with you...

He moved closer and kept advancing..
I had always admired him and sometimes wished he would ask me out...

But he was not asking me out but breaking protocols and bypassing healthy conversations...

I originaly thought he wanted to just shake me like a normal co-worker but then he held my hands and looked straight into my eyes while stealing glances into my cleavage which by the way was well secured.

... And so he walked his way up my emotions, I myself felt like wrapping my arms around him and kissing his beautiful lips (even though I have not been kissed in 5years) deep frenchy kissing now,
But I just remained there not moving. 

He must have sensed my jellyness and noticed I was not saying anything.

But then I felt a hand on my waist and two of his fingers caressing my hips, instinctively I moved back a bit and that was when I noticed my back was pressed against the lobby that serves as a link to the ladies and men's room.

So, here was I backed up against a wall in front of somebody I'v had a crush on for like 4years but the only catch here was that I was being INVADED...
Most men don't know that a naked man with all the necessary things in place will hardly make a woman loose her mind, we (ladies) thrive on what we hear, what we see and what we are told plus ofcourse the way we are treated.

Though I liked him very much but, hey my privacy was being invaded, protocols breached and I was not being treated like a lady.

... Eventually I raised up my hand, pushed him away via his chest and I said excuse me,

He blurted out ''don't you like me''
And am like, how do you mean ?
He just looked at me and made as if he was gonna touch my bust or something.... And then
I snapped...
Something in me just went ggragaagagra,
And I emmm emm slapped him off, it was more of a shuffle with a open hand which tilted his head in the opposite direction.

Anyway, the crush died that day and I began to look for another job...
Because he was the Managing Director's son hence he was our Personel Manager (a post they reserved for him until he finished from Harvard University )

Ohh gosh, why will men not stop behaving like Rhinocerous?

Simple protocols of:
Hi, can we have lunch?
You look stunning how may I know you better... Etc...

Even the cultured ones will crack when nobody is looking!!

Not all ladies who look good. Are bitches, guys should take note of this please!!

Oh well, someone better will come my way soon.

Thanks Aunty Rubirossa for the opportunity to vent this..

Hmmmm, (smh) 
what do you think guys?  Banjo

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